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March 21, 2012


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Getting Rid of Stretch Marks
How to Get Rid of Track Marks on the Arms
How to Get Rid of Track Marks on the Arms
Track marks are the result of taking any drug through your arms.  Individuals will shoot these drugs up into their body with syringes.  In order to avoid pain and irritation, they will move the injection sites to different parts of their arm.  Track marks are the result of multiple injections.  Bruises often accompany the injection sites.  Since track marks take time to heal, individuals often feel ashamed by their appearance.
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Things You ll Need
Body makeup
Kick the habit.  If you haven't stopped using drugs, now is the time to look at your options.  Understand that track marks will always accompany usage.
Allow open wounds to heal.  Depending on how recent the track marks were acquired, you may have open wounds or scabs.  Before you proceed to the next steps you need to allow these wounds to heal.  If you try to surpass the healing process, you risk the possibility of infection.
Exfoliate the area.  In order to promote skin regeneration, you need to use a gentle exfoliator on a regular basis.  You can buy one at the store or make one yourself.  To make one at home, all you need is olive oil and sugar.  Mix the ingredients together to make the exfoliant.
Use an ointment.  Following exfoliation and throughout the process, it is important to use an ointment to help your wounds heal.  Neosporin makes a good one that claims to help prevent scarring.  In addition, these products often contain pain relievers and will help with any pain you may have.
Give it time.  The process of getting rid of track marks is a tedious one.  It takes time, dedication and commitment to a regular routine.  You won't see results overnight but the progress will show over time.  Just remember to be patient.
Cover it up with makeup.  If you need immediate results, you can always use makeup to cover the track marks.  Understand that this result is only temporary and you will still need to complete the steps listed above in order to get rid of them for good.  Use body makeup to cover the marks and set it with powder.  It should hold all day.
Tips & Warnings
Look online to find out which makeup products can cover track marks.  For severe track marks, Dermablend can be used.
Do not neglect the exfoliation, ointment and healing process.  You can get immediate results from makeup but it is only temporary.
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Search for: how to hide track marks on arms  

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